charliebrown-yellowkite.jpgYour first assignment on the class Wiki - to be done at home with a parent or guardian.


Step #1: Watch the video below that I made on how to navigate and use this website through the year.

Step #2: Read through the "Welcome and Main Page" and spend 10 minutes with your parent/guardian browsing through the site and seeing what is here

Step #3: Go to the "Class Policies" Page and open up each of the handouts on this page about our policies and guidelines, read each completely

Step #4: Watch the video below that covers the 2 big ideas of Earth Science -

Step #5: Watch the video below and how set up a username using your student google account so you can post on the discussion forums on our page. NOTE - Make your Wiki username your first and last name i.e. RichBattaglia, make the password something you can easily remember

Step #6: At the top of this page click on "Discussion" (You may need to log in after you've completed Step #5

In your first post make the title of your post your first and last name

In the message of the post do the following:

1. Introduce yourself briefly and say one topic of Earth science you are excited to learn about this year

2. Type 2 new things you learned from the Earth science video you just watched - try and be as specific as you can with these two new learned ideas

3. Write a sentence stating that you have completed the steps above AND that you have read through all of the class policies and guidelines (from Step #3)

Step #7 (Last step: Bookmark the Main Page of this wiki onto your computer at home.